Media Player apps
Sword of Legend 古剑奇谭
Sword of Legend
Hear your voice 听见你的声音
Hear your voice
Doctor Stranger 異鄉人醫生
Doctor Stranger
Media Player apps 媒體播放器應用

Operation Guide 操作指南

These types of media app come from the same principle. They are small size media players capable of playing combinations of videos, images and audio continually in predefined sequences stored in play list files.


"Sword of Legend", "Hear your voice" and "Doctor Stranger" are my favor episodes. Video segments played in the apps are trimmed by using Video Trim as memorable self collections. The final episodes are rather complete but much smaller in size than the original ones.

”古剑奇谭”,”听见你的声音”,”異鄉人醫生” 都是我喜欢爱的電視劇。视频片段是我用 Video Trim 剪辑作为私人珍藏的。剪出珍藏完整,但比原来的文件小多。

Images played in the app are also extracted from the episodes with some special effect added. These images are played in sequence with background music like movie.

程序里面的图像也是剪辑出来的,加 上一些特殊效果和音乐,延续播放如影片。

Animation Demonstration by playing images in sequence with 2 background sounds


Animation Demonstration by playing images in sequence with 2 background sounds with frame


Animation effect by showing images in sequence


Demonstration of the continue playing of video and image animation


Some images used in the app are photos. Some are created by using Alpha Image Edit. Fade in fade out effect, fly objects, alpha blending, music and stage are added so that it looks like a personal show.

在应用程序中,有的图像是照片。有的是用 Alpha Image Edit 造的。添加 ”Fade in” ”fade out” ,飞行物体,”alpha blending”,音乐和舞台 效果,使其看起来像一个个人秀。

Sophie Show screen capture 苏菲秀
Sophie Show 苏菲秀

Access control is enforced in some apps. Each user is given an unique key to use the app. Without the key, no episodes are played and it is used as a demo app.

每个用户都分配一个独一的密钥使用应用程序。没有密钥,没有珍藏播放。 应用程序只用作普通的视频图像播放器。

In demo version, users create their own play list by including videos and images from SD card to experience the functions of the app.


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Operation Guide 操作指南

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