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I have been working in the IT field for years. I play a key role in system design and implement of applications. I am familiar with the whole development cycle starting from feasibility study, system design, programming, testing to user training and support.

苏菲在IT业界多年,一直从事 系统开发。工作包括,系统可行性研究,系统设计,推行系统,程序编程,测试,用户培训和支持。

I use to maintenance company web sites and liaise with business partners to develop online payment systems.


I explore to various kinds of software packages and tools under different platforms.


I have experience in designing and developing mobile games and applications. The tools I use include DirectX/C++, J2ME and the most recent one Android SDK.

苏菲从前已有开发手机游戏和应用的经验,开发工具如 DirectX / C ++ , J2ME 以及最近大势的Android SDK也熟悉的。

I see the new trends in mobile development and I have passions especially in media and imaging sectors. I hope that my apps are well known among you.



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